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04-08-08, 11:24 am
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 If I was able to be an exchange student now, I’d go to the Netherlands.  As much as I love South America, I’d choose Europe.  Holland is small enough that I’d get to know every kilometer.  I like the laid-back vibe of ‘As long as you aren’t harming someone, your choices are fine with me.’   I like how green and flat the countryside is in The Netherlands-quite a difference from my area.  Dutch is a difficult language for me, but by living there, I’d learn to speak it well.  Our second exchange student was from The Netherlands, and Husband and I have each been there several times.   It’s our favorite European country.  Shallow reasons include fantastic street markets, beautiful flower fields, the unusualness of our-country-is-under-sea-level, and I’m a sucker for thatched roofs.

As a child, my dream places to see were Chile (been there), Berlin (done that), Hong Kong before The Takeover (missed that), Banff, and Mykonos.  The locations have nothing in common, and I can’t explain why I chose them.  I read voraciously as a child?  Banff and Mykonos would be nice, but I have other places I’d rather go now.

I haven’t been to Argentina, and it’s next on our list.  We have people we love in Argentina (Buenos Aires, Mar del Plata, and Mendoza) and they dearly want us to visit.   I want to drive from Buenos Aires overland to Mendoza, and into Chile. I want to cross the Andes once.    We really want to see 10-goal polo played in Argentina.  Husband wants to improve his assado technique.  The students and parents have told him he’s quite good.

Within Chile, I want to go to Easter Island and Chiloé. I am drawn to Moais, and I want to to see them in their natural state, not in a museum.  If Chile was isolated for centuries, what’s the word to describe Rapa Nui?  It’s an eight hour trip by air from Santiago to Easter Island.  Of all our former inbound and outbound FESs, only one student has been there.  He’s from the states, and brought me back a tiny Moai carved from the volcanic rock on Easter Island.  When we go, it will be with one or both of our Chilean sons. Chiloé is also an island, in the South of Chile. Our older Chilean son went for a week with his parents last year, I was sooo jealous. They stayed with a family as paying guests. To get to the family’s home was a journey in itself-2 boat rides, long walk, and wagon ride. Chiloé has a rich cultural history, and who doesn’t want to see a witch?

 I want to return to Saba.  Saba is one of the Netherlands Antilles, and is the island in the photo.  See the horizontal dirt line?  That’s the landing strip.  Our small plane headed straight for the hillside, then sharply banked to land.  What a rush!  Saba is a dormant volcano, only 5 square miles, with one road, and no beaches.  How’s that for a Carribbean paradise?  It’s heavenly for divers, and not many tourists.  “The Road” is just awesome.  From Wiki: There is one road, aptly called “The Road”. Its construction was masterminded by Josephus Lambert Hassell who, despite the common opinion of Dutch and Swiss engineers, believed that a road could be built. He took a correspondence course in Civil engineering, and started building the road with a crew of locals in 1938. After five years of work, the first section of the road, from Fort Bay to The Bottom, was completed. It was not until 1947 however, that the first motor vehicle arrived. In 1951, the road to Windwardside and St. Johns was opened, and in 1958 the road was completed. Driving “The Road” is considered to be a daunting occasion, and the curves in Windwardside are extremely difficult.

That’s a short list of where I want to go.  This post is part of the women’s blog tour.  For other posts, please see the sidebar.

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Saba is an awesome place to live! Exclusive for the thrill seeker!

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