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Chipmonkey, Squirrels, & Chile
04-14-08, 7:28 pm
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 From CuteOverload.com

Chilean students are always unreasonably excited over the oh-so-rare sitings of squirrels and chipmunks here in the states.   It’s funny and cute unless we’re on a trip to Washington, DC and the kids spend all their time taking rodent photos instead of checking out the monuments.  Our Chilean son, P, was bitten by a squirrel in DC when he wouldn’t let go of a peanut.  He was running out of food, and wanted to play longer with the squirrels.  We told him they were urban attack squirrels, and were really relieved he didn’t get any squirrel disease.

Chef, our oldest Chilean son, told us that Chileans keep squirrels in cages as pets.  It seemed really weird to us until we thought about it from the other side.  We keep guinea pigs as pets in cages in the US.   Chef was entranced with the squirrels.  “They’re sooo cute.”  “They’re so funny.”  Then, “Can you eat ’em?”  Husband about choked on the last question.  He said yes, people can eat squirrels, but you need a whole lot of them to make a meal.   No, we never fed any kid a squirrel.  

We missed the best one.  Another Chilean boy couldn’t wait to see a chipmunk.  He sat and sat in front of windows just waiting.  It’s not like chipmunks are rare around here, so it was a bit odd.  Until someone pointed one out to him.  FES was so disappointed.  He thought the word was ‘chipmonkeys,’ and they were actual tiny monkeys.   The kid was forever known as ‘Chipmonkey.’


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