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School Bowling?
04-15-08, 12:29 pm
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 Husband, 2 FES, and I attended a luncheon yesterday.  The speaker was a local school representative who spoke about bowling and teamwork.   He talked about a program ‘Bowling for Bears’, our school mascot.  He spoke about teaching kids about bowling in the first years of school.  He told us how everyone has to work together to learn about bowling.  He talked about teams, and getting everyone in the community  involved.   He mentioned that bowling wasn’t just done by big jocks, but by popular girls as well. 
I thought the speech was kinda weird, and my mind wandered. 
About 90% of his speech was over before I realized the man was not talking about bowling.  He finally said we have to STOP bowling.  What? Why?  He just spent 10 minutes talking about teaching kids about bowling. He had been mispronouncing saying ‘bullying.’   OH.  Well, then the speech made perfect sense.  (But honestly, most of it did make sense when ‘bowling’ was substituted for ‘bullying.’)
Duh.  I made the mistake to telling Husband and the FES.  Oh, did they laugh! 


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