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04-17-08, 8:40 pm
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If I was President of the United States, the following fantasies come true:

  • Clarence Thomas would be told strongly urged to retire.  
  • The Patriot Act would be repealed, and Civil Liberties respected and restored.
  • ☺  Healthcare for everyone.  Somehow.
  • ☺  Dissention is not unpatriotic! 
  • Fix New Orleans, and cut through the red tape or whatever the problem is.  I still can’t believe such a huge debacle happened in the US. 
  • Waterboarding=torture is back, and we will again adhere to the Geneva Convention.
  • The Department of Homeland Security would be abolished, and instead a small department would help coordinate information between federal security agencies.   The Coast Guard and FEMA would return to their previous statuses. 
  • The word ‘homeland’ would be banned from government use.  We got along just fine without calling our country ‘homeland.’
  • The federal government would not use stupid acronyms like “USA Patriot Act,” silly mission titles such as “Operation Iraqi Freedom” or meaningless phrases such as “Coalition of the Willing.”
  • Robert Rubin would be Chairman of the Federal Reserve.
  • TSA-Let’s try proactive, not reactive.  An idiot shoe-bomber comes along, and several years later I’m still taking off my Havaianas.  They’re rubber flip flops, you twits!  
  • TSA screeners-I think it’s the same undereducated personnel as before, but now they’re empowered by the Federal Government.  Common sense is lacking, but power trips are up.  Remember the woman who had to remove her nipple piercings with pliers?  That was great publicity.  Or the people who dare to use a gallon size Ziplock or a fold-over sandwich Baggy? Forcing them to toss their 3-ounce containers because they used the wrong sized bag is just dumb.
  • High school FESs through reputable programs are NOT the same as 30 year olds arriving independantly to take pilot lessons.  The rules will no longer give the 16 year old the same hard time scrutiny as a terrorist.  Put the students back under the State Departments purview.
  • All military positions will be open to women.  “Don’t ask, don’t tell” is gone.
  • Equal rights for gay people.
  • We’ll sign the Kyoto Treaty, and work on reducing global warming.
  • Inspectors General will be able to do their jobs without interference or repercussion.
  • Also repealed-“No Child Left Behind.”
  • Abstinence only sex education doesn’t work.  Children will receive sex education in school beginning in elementary years.  Sex education, contraceptive usage, and condoms will be part of aid to other countries.
  • No more playing games with endangered species and their habitats.
  • No more government money for anything “Faith-based.”  
  • Abortion is legal.  Live with it.
  • This post was this week’s topic on the women’s blog tour.  I assigned the topic “If I was Queen of the world, President of the USA, or Silda Spitzer, I would…”  Check out the other blogs in my blogroll.

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    I can live with that – well, all except the global warming part (drives me bonkers of the raving, cursing kind). If you get rid of that part, I’ll vote for you.

    Comment by colorblindcupid

    We’ll negotiate. 🙂
    I did forget to mention the deficit. It was one of my ‘Top 5’, and that’s why I only have a ‘Top 4’ I couldn’t remember my fifth last night. Duh! Clinton left a surplus, and Bush is leaving a huge deficit. That’s a big problem.

    Comment by Wry

    I agree with you on about 90% of your list so I would vote for you!

    Comment by whiteymcwheatbread

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