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04-21-08, 7:42 pm
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 Wry Exchange was originally going to be exclusively about exchange students.  The blog has evolved since I started it last June.  I’ve written about my depression fairly regularly, and now I’m writing once a week about women’s topics from the blog group I joined.
I try to post 5 or 6 times a week, but I can’t think of that many exchange stories to write.  I like writing about depression so maybe other people will see they aren’t alone.  Sometimes I write about my husband, dogs, and travel.
What do you think?  Should I keep this solely about exchange students?  Should I post less?
 I changed the comment settings so you can leave an anonymous comment.  I did keep the ‘hold for moderation’ setting.  I don’t want some little shit writing ‘Wry’s real name is Lizzie Borden.’  Yeah, I’m paranoid.


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I stop by daily to read your blog no matter the topic. It’s an interesting reflection of whatever is going on in your mind when you feel like posting. I think you should continue posting what you please. I am more interested in some topics more than others, but since you are not writing for an audience of just me that is no surprise. 🙂 I think the posts on exchange and your countries of interest are very valuable, but the posts on mood disorders and how they are effecting your life are also. I also like when you just post about what is happening in your world. It’s easy to get caught up in one’s own world and stopping by to see what’s going on in yours is interesting. To someone who isn’t “into” reading blogs might think it’s odd to post random bits and pieces of your life for the internet at large to read, but they are unlikely to come around to see what you have to say, so it really doesn’t matter what they think. 🙂

Comment by ARHostmom

Thanks for the feedback,and for reading regularly!!

Comment by Wry

I think you should post as often as you want and on whatever subject you wish. It is your blog, not ours.

Comment by Theo

Thanks,Theo. That’s exactly what I would write on someone’s blog! Duh, me.

Comment by Wry

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