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04-22-08, 11:53 pm
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  Husband and I had the pleasure of taking a small group of Brasilian adults out for the day last week.  We went to our nearby big city, and took them on our Exchange Student Tour®.  We were asked to take them because we are used to taking kids out, and this was the same, but with 30 year olds.

It was exactly like taking kids!  They were so cute.  They asked permission for everything.  ‘Yes, you can ride in the other car.’ ‘Of course you can go to the restroom.’ ‘Yes, you can order whatever you wish to eat.’ ‘Sure, play with the satellite radio, check out all the stations.’

Also just like taking exchange students on an outing?  They moved so slowly, and in different directions.  We call it ‘herding cats.’  They were enchanted by a dancing fountain, of all things.  It took time to drag them away, and they had to buy BigCity souvenirs, and stop at the Hard Rock Café.  People who didn’t go with us offered criticism that we didn’t do enough with the Brasilians.  Well, there is only so much you can do in 8 11 hours.  Of course we were late, we were on exchange time.

They only had a few days left to their 4-week trip.  The only shopping they did was at Wal-Mart.  Ick.  We fixed that.  We introduced them to Target, and Space bags.  I love Space bags.  They never heard of them, but were telling us of all the gifts people gave them.  They bought all the bags that store had on display. Sweatshirts, T-shirts, hoodies, windbreakers, etc.  They also scooped up gum, candy, and cosmetics.

We ended the day at the electronics store. 2+ hours. I was so bored I started playing Insaniquarium on a display laptop. I was up to level 8. One woman bought a hard drive that was 1 terabyte. That’s 1,000GB. I didn’t know they made them that big. Three of them bought laptops. They started playing with them in the car, just giggling away. Husband and I thought they were ‘giddy with happiness,’ and that’s a rare sight.

We had a great day.


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