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Why I Hate People, Part 49
04-25-08, 12:42 am
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 One of my nearby students moved this week.  This is the first time one of the kids moved without me facilitating.  The families worked it out between themselves.  Which means I didn’t know FES moved.  Family #1 must have really wanted the kid out of their house!  I don’t have the paperwork filed from the new family yet.  Dad’s a minister, I know him, but still.   I’m pissed.

The kid was online tonight, and I told him I have a box from home for him.  Many times parents send gifts to our house instead of the host family’s home.  Anyway, FES lets me know he’s home alone.  The family is in another state.  That’s so against the rules.  I just went and brought the kid back here to our house.  It’s 12:15am.  The hostfather asked Husband if it was OK to leave FES alone for the day.  That’s how we found out the move was made.  Husband said ‘Yes, for the day is fine.’  That doesn’t mean overnight.   It’s only 2 blocks away, but still.  I gave them the rules.  New Hostdad has been around the kid since he arrived in August.  I thought he understood how exchange studenting works. I’m really pissed. 

And the house is a huge, honkin’ mess.  I’m moving things around to make office space for Husband in a small room off the living room.   The space was filled with my office stuff, so I am moving it all over-attic, basement, recycle bin, spare bedroom, etc.  I have a sink full of dishes because I cut my thumb while moving crap.   We’re out of milk and bread, too.  I was going to the store tomorrow.  We don’t eat breakfast.   Can ya tell I’m discombobulated?

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