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Cold Flashes
04-29-08, 12:12 pm
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 I am a cold woman. 🙂 This post is about physical cold.  Husband jokes that I’m cold from October through April.  He, of course, runs hot.  I think it’s a rule that opposites must marry.  My hands and feet are always cold, and usually my nose and ears. I get goosebumps a few times each week.  It is wonderful to have a soft BadLab to keep my toes warm in bed, and under the desk.  (GoodDobie is a weenie, and must be covered with a blanket.)

I’ve been having periods of bone-chilling coldness for over nine months now.  It feels like I’m cold from the core out, starting inside my chest and ribcage.  Nothing makes it go away unless I take a HOT shower or just go to bed-it goes away overnight.  It’s a bit strange, but I just assumed I was really cold, and my internal thermostat was a bit off.  The chills are becoming more frequent. 

I’ve had nightweats occasionally over the last few years, but I’ve always attributed them to bad dreams.  I have some horrific dreams.  (hostages, mass murder, automatic weapons, torture, etc.)

For the last 2 weeks, I’ve been getting…hot flashes.  The first few times, I thought ‘This is nice, I’m finally warm.’  Then I started getting suspicious.  (I go from fine to sweat running into my eyes in less than a minute. ewww)  I looked up menopause and perimenopause.  OH.HELL.NO.  I’m too young for that crap.  Oh shit, I guess I’m not.  Peri-menopause lasts from 2-8 years, and can begin as early as mid-30’s.   More swearing, much more swearing.  

Now my chilly episodes have a name-cold flashes.  They are the opposite of hot flashes, and apparently not as well known.   It’s dawning on me that I am ~horrors~ middle-aged.  


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I had the same symptoms for years now, and after much self-research and guinea pigging myself, I am controlled. It seems to be related to my thyroid. I took black cohosh for all my family calling me menopausal I was insulted!–but took it anyway and in weeks no night roasts or goose-bumpy chill spells. It’s interesting that the peri-menopausal crowd report less effectiveness than the low-thyroid crowd. I read that you shouldn’t take it for more than 2 years though so stopped taking it when a stupid endocrinologist who obviously knew nothing about it said I should. I had to look into vitamins and found I got pretty good effect from 250% Vit D, and 100% rda Iodine. (found in a woman’s multivitamin). In fact if I forgot to take my iodine, I paid in chills and night overheating. (which by the way causes the nightmares). Iodine’s soul purpose in the body is for the thyroid. I have lately found it’s still not quite cutting it so I’m back on black cohosh (Estroven PM is best for me) and I’m going to just take it 6 months on 6 months off in winter and let my liver rest. I hope this helps you. Still get your thyroid checked at the dr.

Good luck!

Comment by Shelley

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