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Ice Cream & FES
05-10-08, 12:47 am
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 FES has been here for nine months, and is almost 19 years old. 
Me: Wanna stop for ice cream?
FES: Sure!
Me: What would you like?
FES: A waffle cone.
Me: OK, what ice cream flavor?
~Crickets chirping~ and chirping…
Me: ???
FES: Chocolate.
Me: OK.  (tells the counterperson because FES’s don’t talk to servers.)  I give FES the cone from the server.  (Because FES’s don’t take items from servers, either.)
FES: ???
Me: What’s wrong?
FES:  It doesn’t look like the picture.  😦
Me:  That’s because the picture is a different flavor.  (White-house-vanilla with maraschino cherries.)
FES: Oh. 😦

Maybe you had to be there.  Husband and I just rolled our eyes.  How could you think a chocolate cone is going to come out white and red?  It was just the silliest thing.  Just a typical evening with FES.

EDIT: The cone FES ate had more ice cream than the one pictured.


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