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05-13-08, 12:35 am
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 This week’s topic is: WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO BEFORE YOU DIE?  Based on a book I read about a girls unfinished life list when she died in an auto accident.

Well, nothing really.   I thought about this question before.  I told my therapist if I died tomorrow, it was fine.  I’ve had a good life.  She thinks I’m nuts, normal undepressed people don’t think that way.

Husband and I live as if we could die tomorrow.  We started travelling as soon as we could scrape up plane fare.  (We must’ve looked like hell once at Heathrow.  We actually had to show the Immigration officer all of our cash and credit cards.)  Experiences are more important to us than possessions.  We didn’t want to be the retired couple going on our one big ‘Trip of a Lifetime’ when we were old and  decrepit.  We plan on looking at our photos and sharing our memories. 

Sure, we’d like to go to Easter Island and Chiloé.  Husband wants to see New Zealand.  But I don’t think either of us has a burning desire to ride an elephant, master writing in Cyrillic, obtain a PhD., or raise a child.  I looked at several sites with 10, 100, and 1000 ‘Things to Do Before You Die,’ and we’re doing pretty good; lots of checkmarks.


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Great blog, I am heading to Hungary in August and your blog is a wealth of FES information, it’s also pretty funny sometimes, like the ice cream post, I loved it. I hope that I can be happy enough to be ok for everything ending in one day; it’s awesome that you are.

Comment by Nicole

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