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05-22-08, 7:04 pm
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  It’s been a while since I gave a personal update. 

  • The tank is back on the road and good as ever.
  • Another one of our cars was the victim of a hit & run.  The rear passenger-side door was severely dented.  Thank Goddess I wasn’t driving the car that night.  Husband probably wouldn’t have believed that I had nothing to do with the damage!
  • BadLab was attacked by a nasty little white poodle last week.  Husband said I should’ve left the leash go.  I pulled Badlab and GoodDobie away.  BadLab was very polite and calm.  The little bastard poodle came from behind 2 cars parked in a drive, and we didn’t see him until he lunged.  He kept snapping and chasing until grandma tackled him. 
  •  I was pleased to confirm I can pull two 100lb. dogs away from a predatorpoodle.  We’re back to daily walks.  I take a wooden spoon with me to smack other dogs if needed.  It makes me feel better to have a weapon.  lol.
  • Chef broke his ankle playing basketball again.  He did the same thing as an exchange student 10 years ago.  His college is on strike so he doesn’t have to worry about walking much.
  • P broke up with his gf, and moved back home.  His family sold their house, so he moved to an uncle’s house.  His parents new home should be ready to move into this week.  He’s been living out of suitcases for 3 months now.
  • WryExchange has been getting a lot of hits for people searching for chipmonkeys and cold flashes, but no new funny searches.
  • I started a new blog, and I have six posts up.  The blog has 2 hits.  One each from Husband and P.  It’s private in public.   It’s even more esoteric than WryExchange.  Let me know if you want the URL.
  • We’re getting a new roof this month.  Damn slate only lasted a hundred years, and needs replaced. 😉  We can’t afford slate, we’re just getting regular shingles. We’d like to save it so someone else can use it for repairs/replacements. 
  • For those of you out of the states, cherries are $11.00 per kilo. 

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