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05-23-08, 12:22 am
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More from Ice Cream Boy 20 seconds after he sent me his flight itinerary for an 11:30am flight.
Me: I’ll pick you up at 9:00am Saturday.  Be ready.
ICB: Are you taking me to the airport?

 I’m ready to wring his neck.  When our students travel, they have to follow guidelines.  They receive the guidelines before they leave their home countries.   We permit them to travel; many programs don’t permit ANY independant travel during the year.  I think since they’re here, they might as well take advantage and travel as much as possible.  Other programs are more rigid, and feel this is a home-based cultural exchange, not a travel program, and they have no business gallivanting around the country.  ICB received the guidelines upon arrival, and again when he started talking about this trip.  I sent the rules to his hostfamily, too.   This is our travel policy:

Students can not travel outside our area unless with the host family, natural family, past or future host family, Program volunteer, Program-approved adult, school sponsored trip, or Program sponsored trip. Students may go on day trips with friends. Our students may travel with their school or host family outside of the US with their natural parents’ notarized approval.

Any travel outside the area without an adult must meet the following conditions:
Travel must be by air (nonstop flight unless none exists). We must know the purpose of the trip, and who will be meeting the student at the airport. We need the name, address and phone number of hosts. Trip must be approved by counselor and by the program.  Students may NOT go by bus or train.  Written authorization from the student’s natural parents with signature, by fax or mail.
These questions are asked annually.  Our answer is “NO, You may NOT go to the ocean with friends after graduation.  You may NOT go with friends on Spring Break to Florida. You may NOT stay overnight with friends at an amusement park.   You may NOT travel the country with a friend from home.  You have to have an approved, adult chaperone.  If you have to ask, “How old does a family member have to be to be considered an adult?” he or she is not old enough.”

ICB wanted to take a second FES with him as chaperone so he wasn’t travelling alone.  They planned to walk around New York City on their own for a week.  He asked me for a bus schedule.  He tried to buy his airline ticket without receiving permission from me or his natural parents and without seeing if someone could take him to the airport.  And on and on.  He is being totally arrogant about this trip; it’s surprising because he’s been so sweet all year.  End-of-the-year-itis has infected him.  Husband had a chat with him earlier this week.  Husband hasn’t made anyone cry this year (first time ever!) but “his eyes were glistened.” 

I think at this point we’re letting him go mostly because his hostbrother is graduating this weekend with a big house party, and it gets Attitude Boy  ICB out of the way.


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