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05-25-08, 12:40 am
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 This week’s topic from the women’s blog group is “What is your dream job, and if you don’t/didn’t have it, how did that happen?”  I enjoy my widgets, but it’s impossible to discuss and stay anonymous.

So, this IS my dream job, except for the whole not being paid part.   I am very good at FES-ing, and I love it.   I am lucky to have met so many students from all over the world.  I really enjoy helping them during their exchange experience.  (I’ve stepped back a bit since the clueless people took over, but they’ll move on in a year or so.  We’ll go back to the fabulous program we’ve always been.)

I love this high school foreign exchange program.  Husband says I should switch programs, and get money to do what I love.  He knows it’s not the same.  We don’t respect the big programs that pay student coordinators.   They don’t put the students first, ask any of the kids.  They’re just dumped off in a foreign country.  I do something with exchange every day, this is much more than a job.  I think it’s one of those things you couldn’t pay someone enough to do, but they are happy to volunteer the time.

 I’m proud of our program, and most of the volunteers who work it.  I’m really proud of all the kids who are brave enough to move half a world away as teens.  Husband and I believe we’re making the world a better place by creating bonds between people from different cultures.  The image is of a Friend Wheel from Facebook.  The wheel owner is in the center, and friends’ names surround the circle.  The lines are all links from friends to each other.   It’s a visual example of the way FES-ing works.  One person touches many lives.

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I’ve been so unhappy and unimpressed with our PAID local coordinators. He didn’t even come to our students arrival or departure. He didn’t call, email or even acknowledge her birthday. He only checked on her twice in the entire time she was here. It made me so sad. What if a student was in a bad family and we’re ignored like that?

Comment by kat

Or what if you had a bad student? He gets paid for what you are cheerfully doing for free. He should do everything to make certain you are happy. Your student’s parents paid a LOT of money for her year, and they didn’t get the oversight they were promised. All the students need an ‘aunt’ or ‘uncle’ to vent to, to ask ‘is this normal?’

I don’t respect those people a bit.

Comment by Wry

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