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Blog Tour-8-Scent
05-26-08, 12:26 am
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 This week’s women’s blog group topic is “What’s your favourite smell in the world and why?”   I don’t have a ‘favorite smell’ and I like certain smells cause they smell good to me.  No introspection today.

First, off topic-Want to drive yourself crazy? Explain the differences between ‘scent,’ ‘smell,’ and ‘odor’ to a group of exchange students.  Don’t even bring ‘aroma’ or ‘fragrance’ into the discussion.

I like the following smells:

  • Freshly bathed dogs
  • Stinky doggy paws
  • Tomatos when their stems are pulled off.  Demeter makes a fantastic tomato cologne. 
  • “Fishit” The smell of the ocean or large lake-fish shit.
  • From long ago-the scent of ditto ink.
  • The great smoky smell of asado and churrasco beef.
  • Ozone right before it rains.
  • Lime Mint.  We have it growing next to the house, and it smells fantastic.  Husband enjoys it in fresh mojitos.
  • I found pea pod liquid soap at TJMaxx that I buy again and again.  Who knew pea pods had a yummy scent?

These smells give me a headache:  new tires, coffee, cigars, and Giorgio perfume.


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its a easy q`s to ask and hard to answer…..
Lime Mint for mojitos…nice
Asados is way far the Best no doubt about it…
Just food….i cant help, hahah love it

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