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Collies, Alpacas, & Goats, Oh My
05-26-08, 6:00 pm
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 Today was one of those days where it’s great to live in Smalltown, USA.   Husband helped judge the children’s bike decorating contest.  I brought the dogs, and we all walked in the Memorial Day parade.   The dogs wore jaunty patriotic scarves, and BadLab still is wearing his.  When I take it off, he dips his head like he does when I put his leash on.  He feels pretty, I think. 
There was an alpaca family near us before the parade started.  The alpacas were adorable!  They had short hair, so they looked like giraffes or long stemmed flowers.  BadLab and a baby alpaca spotted each other at the same time.  They were about the same size, and looked alike except for the super long neck.  I know they were each thinking “What a funny looking lab/alpaca!”
We walked behind the bikes, and in front of the goats and collies.  The goats were with the 4H kids, and the Girl Scouts had dogs.  Husband saw a woman with a duckling following her.   Also in the parade was the high school band, along with tractors, fire trucks, old Army Jeeps, politicians, classic cars, everything but a Homecoming Queen!


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So cute!

Comment by hostfamily08

Thanks! The alpaca people were letting everyone pet the big alpacas, but not the babies. The older ones were skittish around dogs, but the black baby was intrigued. Badlab so wanted to go make friends. It’s midnight, and he’s still wearing his bandana. Husband pulls it up over his nose so he’s a bandit.

Comment by Wry

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