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Finally, Funny Searches
05-31-08, 2:20 pm
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….or maybe they’re just funny to me.  I DID fall out of bed-on my husband’s side’ and hit my head on the edge of the nightstand.  I have a lump on the side of my head longer than my ear.   Anyway, my favorite this time is: Amish webring!
 my use exchange student (used?), tongue stud tonsillitis (quite a stretch to combine), youtube salsa recipe, foreign exchange body spray (smells like beer and b.o.), exsessive mood swings and cheating spouse ( may be related?), sex with my exchange student, have-to-wear uniform host-family (maid’s uniform?), easy sex with exchange student (shocking!), morning tongue, chipmunks with weapons (tiny nunchucks?), homesick going on international exchange (perhaps not the best idea to go then), extreme anger after my husband cheated (well, duh), 43 things exchange student (not 45), u wanna be a spy, foreign exchange ate heathrow airport (they do eat a lot), accidentally flashing during interview (it either went really well or really bad), foreign exchange studenting, i’ve been cheated but i still love him (get counselling), latex burkhas (gross),  and several “kipling bag cleaning?”-I throw mine in the washing machine and line dry.

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Sorry for the very late reply!
I would love to add you on my blogroll!
I leave for S.Korea around August 20th.
Thank you again.

Comment by Yolei

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