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06-30-08, 11:33 pm
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 I finished updating and filling in the blanks of my chaperone blog. 

I’ve also caught up on my sleep finally.   The kids don’t realize it’s not a vacation for the chaperones.  One of the chaperones didn’t realize it wasn’t a vacation either.   Maybe I’m not doing it right?  Nah, Catholic guilt wouldn’t permit to let the kids run amuck.


The Neighbor Lady
06-30-08, 10:45 pm
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  The Neighbor Lady (TNL) has moved away.  Hurray!  I live in a small town, with one small high school.  TNL  lived across the street, and worked for a different exchange student program.  Isn’t that bizarre?  Well, I think it’s odd to have two people spending so much time on high school foreign exchange programs in one city.  I don’t have to fake smile and be polite anymore.  I couldn’t stand her!  I didn’t respect her work!  And while I’m snarking, the secretaries the the high school always rolled their eyes when they saw her coming or had to deal with her.   I feel better now.  Bitching always makes me happy.

TNL worked for one of the ‘nonprofit’ exchange programs.  She received ‘points’ towards travel and prizes.  She was ‘reimbursed’ for her time and expenses.  (I’m reimbursed for expenses.)  Exchange was her job.  She was an area coordinator and parked kids all around the area.  She’s  a bully pushy, and was able to place many students.  More kids, more ‘points.’   She’d place the kids, and only have contact if a school called her.  She didn’t have too many repeat families volunteer to host for her.

She broke many rules of exchange.  Many years, she would host two students in her home at the same time.  (OK only with special State Department permission.)  That left the kids without a counselor in case of problems.  She’d have a friend of hers be their counselor; someone who lived about 3 hours away.   Her students were never permitted to spend time with my program’s kids.  She didn’t approve of my program, and would gossip about it often.  This is a small town, most kids are friends with each other.  She lived across the street, and our kids (15-19) weren’t permitted to be together.   She didn’t like other exchange students.

It was a sad neighborhood joke about her hosting students.  The only time anyone ever saw the kids was when they were doing yardwork outside.  The neighbors jokingly thought she hosted to get free workers.  The kids weren’t allowed to leave the house often, their next-door neighbors called the kids ‘prisoners’ and ‘slaves.’  I never turned her in because it would’ve come across as jealousy.   We’d let the kids know if they needed someplace to go they were always welcome here.

Hopefully, she’s given up ruining kids’ lives.  Her program’s students couldn’t believe what we did for our kids-the monthly meetings, trips, stipends, counselors, etc.  Poor things.

There is actually a website called Rotten Neighbor.  🙂

Brain Dead Still
06-27-08, 3:08 pm
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 I’ve been home a week already, and I’m still tired and discombobulated.  I promise to put up new posts ASAP.

Wry Exchange is One Year Old
06-26-08, 4:43 pm
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Whoo-hoo!  I’ve kept up with Wry Exchange for an entire year.   I posted 324 times, pretty good since I try for an average of five per week.  Thanks for reading.

The Odd Couple
06-24-08, 2:02 pm
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 Female version.  Think Martha and Rosie.  I wasn’t Martha.  I was the Appalachian hick to her Eastern elitist.   I have no idea how she put up with me.  Poor woman.

I had another chaperone for a roommate.  I’ve never had a roommate before.  Typically when I enter a hotel room, I unpack, put away, hang, and iron.  For these last two weeks, I just worked out of the suitcase.   Roommate “Ro” unpacked, ironed, and hung up her clothes. 
Ro-Changed jewelry to match outfit.  Wry-Wore the same jewelry for two weeks.
Ro-Wore shoes appropriate to the activity.  Wry-Havaianas for everything!
Ro-Brought several nice outfits.  Wry-Didn’t bring any dressy clothing.
Ro-Ironed everything before wearing it. Wry-I thinkI ironed a top once, and Ro ironed a sweater for me.
Ro-Brought a robe and cute jammies.  Wry-Wore whatever t-shirt I had on with jammie pants.
Ro-Used hair products, blow dried and styled hair.  Wry-I let my hair grow out before the trip so I could skim it into a ponytail, and let it air dry.
Ro-Full makeup. Wry-Sunscreen and lipgloss.
Ro-Brought books to read.  Wry-People and Vanity Fair.
Ro-Took 90 minutes to get ready in the morning.  Wry-Tried to sleep as long as possible, needed about 20 minutes to shower and stuff everything back in the suitcase.
Ro-Got a manicure during the trip.  Wry-Clipped all my nails short, and had pale polish on my toes so the chips weren’t too noticeable.
Ro-Grabbed a massage.  Wry-Turned the shower on high.
Ro-Brought ‘nice’ clothing.  Wry-Brought sturdy clothing that I didn’t care if it was ruined.

We also had the ‘too hot/too cold’ problem.   Neither one of us realized for the first week that since I was the cold one, I probably shouldn’t have the bed next to the air conditioner.   Does that tell you how tired we were?

Blog Tour 12 Color
06-23-08, 9:53 pm
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“Which foods taste like their color?”  The example given was blue Gatorade tastes blue.  ~le sigh~   Again, no clue.  Don’t care.

Blog Tour 11 Superpowers
06-23-08, 12:27 pm
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“What kind of superpower would you have if you could pick anything? And a bonus question…what would be your “foil” if you were a superhero?”
No clue.  Don’t care.