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06-04-08, 10:59 pm
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 This week’s subject from the women’s blog group is “Tell us about one book that changed your life.”   I got nothin’.   We have oodles of books, we both love to read.  We have hundreds of books in the attic, and probably 20 feet of floor-to-ceiling shelves in the computer room.  I don’t understand ~personally~ how a book can change my life.  It’s a book.  If a book changed me, wouldn’t that mean I’m shallow and easily swayed? 


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I am personally moved by Machevelli’s writings. He “inspires” me.

Comment by the husband

I’m with you – I’ve read too many to pick one. I couldn’t even pick 10. And though my husband would disagree (on whether a book could change you), I’m with you. Plus, I’m way skeptical when reading anything that would have the mere possibility of “changing” me. Though I’m sure I’ve read things that have changed my mind on a subject or changed how I thought about a particular thing. Like Fast Food Nation – made me think much more about red meat – like how I’ll rarely eat it ever again. And Nickel and Dimed – I considered many things that had never occurred to me before.

Comment by colorblindcupid

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