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The Odd Couple
06-24-08, 2:02 pm
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 Female version.  Think Martha and Rosie.  I wasn’t Martha.  I was the Appalachian hick to her Eastern elitist.   I have no idea how she put up with me.  Poor woman.

I had another chaperone for a roommate.  I’ve never had a roommate before.  Typically when I enter a hotel room, I unpack, put away, hang, and iron.  For these last two weeks, I just worked out of the suitcase.   Roommate “Ro” unpacked, ironed, and hung up her clothes. 
Ro-Changed jewelry to match outfit.  Wry-Wore the same jewelry for two weeks.
Ro-Wore shoes appropriate to the activity.  Wry-Havaianas for everything!
Ro-Brought several nice outfits.  Wry-Didn’t bring any dressy clothing.
Ro-Ironed everything before wearing it. Wry-I thinkI ironed a top once, and Ro ironed a sweater for me.
Ro-Brought a robe and cute jammies.  Wry-Wore whatever t-shirt I had on with jammie pants.
Ro-Used hair products, blow dried and styled hair.  Wry-I let my hair grow out before the trip so I could skim it into a ponytail, and let it air dry.
Ro-Full makeup. Wry-Sunscreen and lipgloss.
Ro-Brought books to read.  Wry-People and Vanity Fair.
Ro-Took 90 minutes to get ready in the morning.  Wry-Tried to sleep as long as possible, needed about 20 minutes to shower and stuff everything back in the suitcase.
Ro-Got a manicure during the trip.  Wry-Clipped all my nails short, and had pale polish on my toes so the chips weren’t too noticeable.
Ro-Grabbed a massage.  Wry-Turned the shower on high.
Ro-Brought ‘nice’ clothing.  Wry-Brought sturdy clothing that I didn’t care if it was ruined.

We also had the ‘too hot/too cold’ problem.   Neither one of us realized for the first week that since I was the cold one, I probably shouldn’t have the bed next to the air conditioner.   Does that tell you how tired we were?

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