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Blog Tour 13 Movie
07-06-08, 10:33 pm
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This week’s topic was If you could make a movie about your life, what would it be called and who would you cast as the main players?

I really have to start making an effort to answer these questions if I want to be part of the Blog Tour.  I guess I thought it was going to be more about current events and politics.

Title: Just Different  because we always tell the students “It’s not better or worse, it’s just different.”  OK, and I’m a little different, too.

Cast:  When I was growing up, I thought my father looked like Donald Sutherland, and mom resembled Liza Minnelli.  We’ll add a dozen young (15-30) actors from other countries and cultures.  Gael Garcia Bernal-Mexico,  Natalie Portman-Israel, Kal Penn-Indian heritage, Mischa Barton-England, Rupert Grint-England,  Keisha Castle-Hughes-New Zealand/Australia, Zhang Ziyi-China, Rachael Taylor-Tasmania, and some unknowns.  I can be played by Joan Cusack, I think we’re alike.  Husband will be either Bruce Willis or Pierce Brosnan-they both have that deceptive look.  Husband looks laid-back, but he never misses anything, nor does he ever forget.  They both seem like they love their families, and always have a twinkle in their eye.


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