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07-16-08, 9:43 pm
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“Verbal Shrug” “Indifference” “I don’t care.” “Whatever”

That’s what I feel about this past year.  Last year’s students are mostly gone, and the new ones won’t arrive for another month or so.  Meh.   Last year’s inbound students were perfectly nice FESs, bland and boring to me.   I don’t think I know any of them well.  Not even the one who stayed with us part-time, or the other nearby ones.  Not the ones on the trip I chaperoned, either.  I’m quite certain if I knew some of them better, I’d find them to be vibrant, interesting people.   I don’t even feel regret or sadness, I simply don’t care.   I wish them well, but I probably won’t keep in touch with any of them.  Each class is different.  This was a quiet year.  It was also the smallest group we’ve ever had, they were about half the size as we usually host.

I can’t think of anything to write this week.  I’ve just been thinking ‘meh’ to each potential topic.  

Home update:

  • I’ve been busy around the house, faux-painting a ceiling, and helping Husband sand and finish hardwood floors.  
  • Husband was identity-thefted again, a card that hasn’t ever been used online.  This is the 4th time in a year, but the first time it was a credit card instead of a debit card.  The company froze the account, but didn’t notify Husband.  He found out the embarrassing way when he tried to use it.  The company apologized, and gave him $25.00 for not calling.
  • Our oldest Chilean son, Chef, will be here next month.  We’re excited to see him.  It’s been probably  4 years since he’s been here.  I was able to spend time with him in November.  He was an exchange student 10 years ago.
  • Zoloft and Effexor seem to be a great mix.  I don’t have to see my therapist for 8 weeks!  Pretty cool, huh?  I like her, but sometimes I need to go biweekly.  I always do better in Summer.

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