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07-18-08, 11:30 pm
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Adopt one today!Maybe you’ve noticed the “Adopt a Dragon” headline to the left?   It’s from a site called “Dragon Cave.”   I’m not certain whether it’s a game, but it’s quite addicting.  It has NOTHING to do with exchange students or the rest of Wry Exchange.  It’s just simply fun for me.

My eggs, hatchlings, and eventually adults are sometimes visible, and sometimes obscured by grey ‘fog.’  If one is hidden, it’s sick.  Hiding it keeps it from getting viewed, and apparently it helps.  They hatch, grow, and mature based on the number of page views, first time viewers, and direct clicks.  Too many or too few, and they can die.  They also can breed.

Eggs are released on the hour, and then a few more each five minutes.  There are cheat sheets widely available if you don’t want to be surprised when you choose one.  I like the weird ones, so some of my eggs were tagged “This egg looks like it doesn’t belong.”  The tiny one is a chicken, and the larger ones are dinosaurs.    They are rare, since it’s a dragon game.  

The green one that looks like an earwig?  I ‘adopted’ it as an abandoned egg with less than a day to go before it ‘died’ unhatched because I felt sorry it would die alone.  It hatched within 2 hours because it received a lot of love views from other dragon fans.  (I can’t wait until Husband reads this post.  He doesn’t know anything about my new obsession.)

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