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Exchange Student Pins
08-07-08, 1:22 am
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Exchange students trade pins.  A lot.  This photo shows what their uniform blazer looks like at the beginning, middle, and end of the year.  Some of the jackets are extremely heavy. 
  At the beginning of their year, the nice new coat has a patch with their program’s name embroidered on it, and their name tag.  They slowly add pins, some from current exchange students, some fun ones they have at home, and they’re off.

Once they’re in country, they trade with each other.  They give pins to their host families, teachers, volunteers, friends, and others as a ‘thank you’ or ‘nice to meet you.’  

After they’ve traded with each other, they look to new sources.  License plates over the bum or between the shoulder blades are popular.  Country flags are a must.   Tickets from movies, ski lifts, concerts, and pro sports games are de rigueur.  Look closely for the condom packet tucked away towards the bottom.  Beer bottle caps are often spied, as are beer coasters.  

If they can put a hole in it, it goes on the jacket.  Key cards for hotel rooms? yep.  Used gift cards? yep.   Next time you see an exchange student wearing his or her jacket, ask them about the pins.  There’s a story behind each one.  They are all trophies.


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