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Exchange Students Pins to Trade
08-08-08, 12:04 am
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Exchange students trade pins.  Students typically are given 50-100 pins from the sponsoring exchange program with the option to purchase more.  These pins have the name of the exchange program on them with perhaps a map and the year.  They are typically metal with colorful enamel.
Most students used to make the rest of their pins.  Now, I think their moms do it for them.   This is the typical USA bead pin.  It’s labor intensive.  Other easier ways of making your own pins are to buy colorful, cheap stamps and laminate them.  Glue to a pinback.   It can also be done with pennies, but again, very common.  You want your pin to be memorable.  Go to a crafts store for ideas.  Buy plain pins, and put photos in them.   Laminate your business card, and tie it with ribbon or yarn to a pin.  Paint puzzle pieces, write your name, country, and year on it with a Sharpie, and glue on a pinback.
  Students from the US shouldn’t just take USA pins with them.  USA students are everywhere in the world.  Take something unique to your state or city.  Rose city? Big apple? corn? Mickey Mouse? If you take USA themed pins, use your imagination. 
   If you buy pins, you could choose the friendship flag style.  Your country and USA, Your country and your state,  USA and your state,  or any of the above with your program flag.
   Kids from the Netherlands are sometimes sponsored by Heineken, and bring blinking Heineken bottle cap pins.  They’re always popular.   I’ve also seen Corona pins from Mexico.  Paint bottle caps and glue on a pin-either side works.
Students from Finland bring Troll doll pins.  I just loved those.  I keep many of the pins I’ve received over the years hanging in a frame on a wall in our home.  A creative idea was a piece of pasta painted red, white, and green for Italy glued to a pin.  I’ve seen tiny woven baskets, boomerangs, and bells.   Have fun with it.


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