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And, They’re Off!
08-12-08, 10:29 pm
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 The new outbound students are leaving.  They started leaving the states in late July, and will continue until early September.  Some countries prefer the students arrive early for schooling-Brasil, Thailand, India, while Spain and Italy want FES to arrive as late as possible.

I love hearing and reading their reactions during this time. 

Before they leave the states, they all ask each other questions about what gifts to bring, what’s the temperature like, how do they dress, what about school, and how much clothing to take.  They don’t ask the kids from their new country, their new host siblings,  nor do they ask students from the states who just returned from the country.  I understand I’m an old fossil, and know nothing, but you’d think they’d ask someone who was just there.  Nope, they ask each other.  Goofbunnies.

The first day, many of them feel lost.  A lot of them will cry.  I always reassure them the “WTF was I thinking” feelings are normal.   Almost all will feel vaguely sick or weird.  I think they forget about jet lag, lack of sleep, heightened emotions from US farewells, different food, and culture shock.   They just have too much going on to think clearly. 

The next several days are wonderful.  Everything is bright, shiny, new, and ever so cool.  They are so enthusiastic.  I always wish this period could last all year for them.   We’ll let them be happy for now.


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