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Hygiene Machine
08-15-08, 12:32 am
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I should never complain again.  But we all know I’ll be back to bitching soon.  I’m feeling very grateful tonight.
  Look at this site.  Rags To Pads is a website started by two Americans to try to raise $5,000.00 in India.   It will benefit a girls school called Pardada Pardadi and local women.  The goal is to purchase a machine and raw materials to manufacture menstrual pads. 
I feel comfortable sharing this site because I know someone who knows the founder of the school.  She has helped the school in the past.
Why are these Americans trying to raise  money? According to Pardada Pardadi, most rural Indian women and girls catch numerous vaginal infections after attaining puberty. The reason is because they use dirty or unsanitized cloth during menstruation — because they cannot afford hygienically-prepared sanitary pads.   Can you imagine how that would impact your entire life?  Vaginal infections and UTIs often.  I would imagine you could lose fertility, and time off of caring for your family, or work.
Go to the site, and look around.  Go to the school’s site, and thank the deity of your choice that you have so much.  
I found out about this school and the Rags to Pads project because I was asked to help with a project for this school.  The project is making hair ribbons.  I thought it was a stupid ‘feel good’ project, and mentioned it to an Indian acquaintance.  She sent me links to the school.  I would be happy to donate spools of ribbon to the school, but I am donating a gigantic bag full of hygiene products.  I’m not sitting around for an afternoon making scrunchies.  It’s insulting to everyone.  Crap, that sounded like me bitching.  Sorry.

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