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08-28-08, 10:20 pm
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Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!  Both Husband’s and my laptops are dead.   Mine “only” has a dead AC adapter/charger.  Husband’s is much more serious.  His AC adapter/charger is also dead, and so is his battery.  The odd thing is his charger and battery died with no warning.   It acquired a virus somehow, and really messed up the entire computer.  He had the Blue Screen of Death®.  Husband is not a happy man. 

Chef knows nothing about how any of this happened.  He feels really bad, and took my baby laptop to a friend’s to charge.  He’s bringing the charger home to try to fix Husband’s. 

Good thing we bought the external hard drive earlier this month.  Husband is on his way to work, and asked me to back up his entire contents.  He said if I let Chef do the backing up,  don’t let him know. 😉


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i was gonna say. i just got my baby back today 😀 😀 i got the blue screen, and the people at my stepdads work were able to restart it, but were able to keep things like my music, pictures, internet favs, so im happy
and ill be able to be on msn now once i redownload it, so i hope your baby gets betta so we can chat 😉

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