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09-09-08, 8:16 pm
Filed under: Exchange Students

 We’re home from “vacation.”  We missed the dogs a lot, and are thrilled to be back in our own bed.  We packed swimsuits, and brought them home unused.  We were at a resort with several swimming pools.  Le sigh.  Husband returns to work tomorrow, and we both caught colds.
Chef made it home safely.  Husband almost has his computer back to the way he prefers.
My last student made it up to the states, and all but one of our students are here.  The last one should be up within the week.  I haven’t heard about any of our inbound students experiencing bad homesickness. 
2 or 3 of our outbound students are homesick.  One of the students realized she made a huge mistake in choosing her continent, let alone country.  I’m not sure it’s possible to go from Feslandia to Festralia.  Her parents are willing to pay the airfare, so we’ll see.  She’s already moved host families once, and was supposed to move again.  They’re also looking to move her to a different part of the country.
One of our inbound students has been playing on a high school team.  We all got excited, and thought something wonderful happened.  Nope, the kid was playing without state approval.  Other teams can file complaints that an ineligible player participated.   What a mess.
My inbound students’ parents are all still in the honeymoon stage. They think the kids are terrific, funny, and wonderful. Let’s hope it stays like that all year.


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