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09-09-08, 8:41 pm
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I’ve been a bad Blog Tour participant.  Let’s fix that now.  I don’t want to drop out, but the topics aren’t ones that have anything to do with the blog.  I don’t write about my life as often as most of the others.  I’m not very introspective, either.

Aug 9-“What song’s lyrics so accurately describe you or a period in your life that you could’ve written it yourself?”  “Paradise by the Dashboard Light”  and “Only the Good Die Young.”
Aug 16-“Sacrifices-What has been the most significant sacrifice you have made in your life, to date?  Why did you choose to make that sacrifice? Was it worth it? Do you miss whatever it was that you sacrificed? And would you do it again if you had to?”  Can’t think of one.   Sometimes, it’s advantageous to have a bad memory.
Aug 23-Looking back, what minor event in you life made a major outcome on how things turned out?   Deciding to host our first exchange student was a whim.  It’s now a huge part of our lives.
Aug 30-Do you believe that everyone has one true love? Has there ever been “one who got away” in your life?  No.  I’ve met a few people that I felt were soul-mates.  It isn’t necessarily a sexual attraction.  Based on that, I think people can have more than one true love. 


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