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Ponceo & Fotolog
09-14-08, 12:20 am
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The New York Times is catching up to Newsweek-about six months later.  Remember I wrote about “Ponceo” in March? The Times published an article Friday about teen sexual behavior in Chile.  What a shocking trend!  I think it’s gross, but I’m old.  I don’t like drinking after other people, I certainly don’t want to make out with 3 different strangers in a club who have been making out with other random people.  ick.

 At least they got it right with Fotolog.  I never see any articles about it.  Fotolog, a photo-sharing network created in the United States, took off in the last two years in this country. Today Chile, which has a population of 16 million, has 4.8 million Fotolog accounts, more than any other country, the company says. I thought it was a Chilean company, since it seems almost everyone has Fotolog in Chile.  I don’t know anyone who isn’t Chilean or lived in Chile that uses Fotolog.  There are over 15 million Fotolog accounts, yet less than 350,000 here in the states.


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a friend of mine is friends with the kid who took the cell video of the 14 year old…dont u just love the connections u have with people…

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