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Finally a Woman, but the Wrong One
09-15-08, 1:49 am
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 I’m of the age where I was proud that Hillary Clinton got so far in the Presidential race.  I supported her wholeheartedly.  She reminds me of the class secretary; someone you don’t necessarily like, but know will work diligently until the job is done perfectly.  I like her, always have.  I think she’s smart, tough, and raised a lovely daughter.   Her husband is a dog who squandered his brilliance.  I believe she loves him slightly more than she resents him and his wandering penis.
Sarah Palin is the best person John McCain could find for his Vice-President?  If he needed a woman to energize his ticket, what about Carly Fiorina or Olympia Snowe?  He chose ‘a woman’ not the right person.  He chose ‘a woman’ the way George H W Bush chose the dreaded Clarence Thomas.  (still bitter over that one.)
McCain is 72 years old, has had several skin cancers, and some disabilities from his POW years.  It is only realistic to expect his running mate to be ready to govern in case of an emergency.  How thoroughly was Palin vetted?  I’d bet not much.
 I agree her minor children should be offlimits.  It doesn’t matter  that she’s a working mother.  I don’t care about her eyeglasses, hairdos, clothing, former tv hosting jobs, or pagaent history, or her tacky shoes.  OK, I slipped there.  The shoes bug me.  
  I care that she uses her personal email account instead of her state email to conduct state business.  I care that her ‘celebrity snowmobile racer’ husband is CC’d on official state business and sits in on private meetings.  I care that she is a religious fanatic, opposes abortion except to save the live of the mother, supports abstinance only sex education, I care she hires unqualified cronies, and fires qualified people she doesn’t like.  I care she doesn’t believe man causes global warming, or polar bears are not endangered.  I care that she lies so much that people will begin to believe them-bridge to nowhere?  I care she says nuke-u-lar.  I care she has no foreign policy experience.  I care she didn’t have a clue what was The Bush Doctine.  I care she asked about removing books from the public library.  I care that she’s not freaking qualified!

Does she remind anyone but me of Linda Tripp?  I think she looks like her.


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First, love your blog!
Second, yes, Sarah Palin is the antiChrist!
That woman is scary! She seems to stand for everything that is wrong with America. God help us all if the Christian Fundamentalists amass and get those two jokes voted in!

Comment by Meg

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