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States of the States
09-15-08, 11:32 pm
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I have a Monday wrap-up of news from home to Bolivia today.

  • Bolivia-seems to be quieting down.  This follows the pattern since Morales was elected.  The next flare-up will probably be in December when Bolivians vote on the referendum of Morales’ new constitution.
  • Venezuela-Chavez played ‘me, too’ and expelled the US Ambassador to show solidarity with Bolivia.  In a speech to his supporters, he said “Shithead Yankees, go to Hell!”  Nice touch, huh?  He immediately followed that line with “We are a dignified people.”  He also offered to send troops to Bolivia in event of a coup attempt.  He was rebuffed by an Army General who said Bolivia won’t tolerate interference in it’s sovereign affairs. 
  • Chile-Thank you Michelle Bachelet for bringing Evo Morales to Chile to discuss issues with Unasol-Union of Nations of South America. 
  • Home-we had our first hurricane here at home.  Ike’s remnants hit 81mph, enough for category 1 status.  We received absolutely no rain, but the wind.  Oh, my the wind.  People are without power in a wide area, roads are closed because so many trees and power lines are down, and schools were closed. Our new roof held up perfectly, hurray!  We lucked out with just a few small branches down, and a portion of our stockade keepthedogsintheyard fence blew over.  The wind ripped a 4×4 post out of the ground in pieces.

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