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Dear Wry, I’m Homesick
09-16-08, 12:03 pm
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 Dear Wry,
Hi, im 17 Im in France on exchange at the moment, and im feeling really homesick! Ive been here six months already without any major problems, but now, with my return to school, and change of host families, Ive become really low, physically and mentally. I changed classes at school, and talked to my host family to help me, but nothing seems to make me feel better. I feel like going home, but I know that if i do Ill regret it for the reqt of my life. Can you help me? i feel like Ive tried everything!
Katie in France

Dear Katie,
STAY!  You can do this.  You’re over halfway through your year.  Are you getting bored?  Have you travelled?  Can you go visit other exchange students you’ve met?  You didn’t mention your counselor in your letter.  Is s/he helpful and concerned?  You didn’t mention friends in your letter.  Do you have a few close friends to talk to and hug?  You’re on a mid-year exchange, they’re tougher.  Are you with a new class of younger students at school now?  Can you find something to do to challenge your mind at school-helping a teacher or younger students?  How is your new host family?  Are you comfortable with them?  Have you already graduated back home, and your friends are going off to college?  Maybe you feel left behind.  Can you volunteer to help someone else?  It would take your mind off of yourself.  Can you find a job a few hours a day?  You need to do some type of physical activity, if you exhaust your body, you’ll sleep better at night.  I’m sorry, I don’t know what to say to help you from so far away.  I can point out possible problems, and suggest solutions.  Most of all, I can offer virtual hugs, and chats by MSN Messenger. 

*Actual reader letter.  Please remember I’m not a professional, and I don’t play one on tv.  I’m just a caring, experienced volunteer. 


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Hi!! I would love to be able to talk to you via msn!! When are you available to chat?

Comment by Katie

I added you to my MSN account. My blog’s anonymous so I don’t give it out here. I sent you an email, too.

Comment by Wry

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