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Just Trying to Kill it
09-30-08, 7:35 pm
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 How do you bring up missing money?  I volunteer for a charity and just received the report for the last fiscal year.  It’s a mess.  How does a fundraiser lose money? There is uncollected debt, monies held purposely from the previous year, frivolous expenditures, and numbers don’t add up.  Money has just been pissed away.  I suspect the goal is to bankrupt the group.
I know I should just ask, but the President has very high status within the group.  It’s not the treasurer’s fault, she doesn’t get the bills or have power to spend, she just probably was given the receipts at the end of the year.  Our group is losing members rapidly.  Many of us don’t like or trust the new people.  We don’t have the same goals.  We just have to hang on until they get bored and quit.   I just hope we last that long.
 I don’t trust, like, or respect the President, and she doesn’t like me.  Our goals are completely different.  I don’t want to come off like I’m making this up or have a vendetta.  I want to say “Please resign today, and we’ll just drop it quietly.”

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