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Foreign Exchange Student Searches
10-06-08, 2:24 pm
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 Helpful hints:  Spell foreign, exchange, and student correctly.  Lots of people get those wrong.
  In the last three months, my top searches have been culture shock and homesickness.  I have different stats for ‘severe homesickness,’ ‘exchange student homesickness,’ ‘exchange student homesick,’ ‘severe homesick,’ ‘im homesick,’ and ‘homesickness for foreign exchange students.’   I didn’t realize how precise the search engines are now.  It makes sense, this is the time of year for new students and families to experience culture shock and homesickness.
Many searches are for ‘gay exchange student,’ ‘gay exchange students,’ and ‘gay foreign exchange students.’  More detailed search history is only shown for the preceding 7 days.  That’s where I see all the misspellings.  (Please remember it’s GLBT, not LBGT.)   Youth exchange welcomes gay students.
I got a kick out of how many people arrived here by searching for chipmonkey, chorrillana, and ear picks.  (The plural of monkey isn’t monkies.)   I don’t know what people are searching for, but it’s Palin, not Parlin, and I’m, not im.  Typing accurately will yield better results.  So will not voting for Palin.


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