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We’re Imploding
10-15-08, 12:29 am
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 We will have a meeting this week for the first time in six months.  Six months.  In a program that deals with teenagers coming and going overseas.  This program is held together with duct tape and dental floss.  I think we’ve used up all residual good will from people in the last 2 years. 

  • We dropped out of CSIET without discussion or a vote.  
  • We’ve lost the members who take care of Fesgium, Fessia, Feserlands, Fence, and Fitaly.  We have students to and from all of those countries.
  • We don’t have anyone in charge of our students abroad.  What’s worse, no one told the students the previous person resigned.  I try to keep up with as many of them as possible to help.
  • We don’t have an 08-09 budget yet.
  • The members don’t have the 07-08 final treasurer’s report yet.
  • A few people tried to terminate a student secretly.  Thank dog we were able to stop it.
  • Interviews for the new outbound students should be next month.  No one has done any recruiting.  We don’t have an interview date, time, or location.   We don’t have an Outbound Student Chairman.
  • We have missing money, probably not with evil intentions, more like lazy and clueless.
  • We don’t communicate.  Everything used to be transparent, and everyone was up-to-date.  Now, it’s all ‘need to know’ and only 3 or 4 people know.
  • We have a person who doesn’t understand the “appearance of impropriety” is to be avoided.

Doesn’t this seem like it’s going to involve a foodfight?  I better get something fun out of this damn meeting.  The last Outbound person announced his resignation in January.  I asked for the position then. (I’ve done it before.)  Nope.  The prez doesn’t like me.  10 months later, and he still can’t find someone else to do it.  Ninny.  Give me free rein, and I’ll whip this back into shape quickly.  It’s appalling, sad, and embarassing how they’ve turned this jewel of an exchange program into a piece of mud.

The program is salvageable, we just have to last until the end of this fiscal year.   The kids are fine, most of them don’t know we’re in a completely unnecessary mess.  The kids just know the adults aren’t very friendly with each other.

I’m feeling better.  I know it’s not a smooth climb, but I blame myself when I go downhill.  Meh.


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