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Watch What You Ask For
10-18-08, 11:29 pm
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 I complained earlier this week about my exchange program.   Many of our concerns were answered with “Oh,” “uh-huh,” and “I’ll look into it.”  Yikes.  Um, I thought you wrote the report.  I’m not certain now.

We do have a new outbound student coordinator.  Me.  Anyone surprised?   I think it killed a bit of our Chairman’s soul to appoint me to the position.  I wasn’t going to ask for it.  Again.  

I set up outgoing student interviews the next day.  I’m gathering interviewers, and trying to squish three months of preparation into four weeks.   It’s a bit of a challenge because the Chairman won’t help me by giving me contact information on our current students abroad, or our volunteer counselors.  He’ll quietly screw me as much as possible.   This program has always put the students first, so I don’t understand why someone with different goals is part of student exchange.   I like a challenge.  I know I can pull it off despite the faux obstacles.


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You go for it Wry! Your chairman sounds in need of a refresher course (with a baseball bat most likely) of that 4 way stop sign test. Maybe having this challenge will help with the doldrums that were creeping in or at least provide something or someone to chew on as you get some balance back.

Comment by ARHostmom

Thanks. You’re right. Being busy will help the program and help me personally. I’ve received lots of ‘congrats’ notes from our students. 🙂

Comment by Wry

You will do well and serve the needs of your students. They are lucky to have you ready to step in.

Comment by onelifelog

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