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I Want to be a Foreign Exchange Student
10-19-08, 10:24 pm
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  I enjoy helping students make their dreams come true.  The more knowledge you have now, the more informed choices you’ll make to ensure your success next year.  This is the time of year students begin the process for next year.   Most students go out in August, and are chosen by the end of December.  Each program varies, so check deadlines.  It doesn’t hurt to call to ask for an extension if you miss the application deadline.  Your first steps are deciding why, which one, and where.

Examine your motives.  Why do you want to be an exchange student?  What do you hope to get out of your year abroad?  Are you running away from a bad situation at home or school?  Do you want a ‘gap year’ before college?   There isn’t a right or wrong answer, but you will be asked.  I don’t care why you want to go out, but I want to know why.  Your reasons will help us understand you.  

I wrote last year about choosing an exchange program.  Choose the program that’s right for you.  Facebook has many exchange student groups.  Ask current and former students if they liked their program.  Go to Cultures Shocked for information from exchange students.  My program is a true exchange program-a student comes here for each student we send there.  Some programs aren’t set up to be one-for-one exchanges, they’re typically more expensive.   We’re all volunteers, some programs pay or offer incentives to their adult volunteers.

I also wrote about country selections.  About half of potential students tell us they want to go to Australia, New Zealand, England, or Ireland.  To us, it means you’re scared to learn a new language.  Be fearless!  You can learn a new language.  We have a tough time finding exchanges with English speaking countries.   I hope that changes with a new president.  Don’t go to a country because “they have lots of culture,” “my teacher says it’s the best country,” or “it looked cool in a movie.”  Every country has pros and cons.


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i MUST learn portuguese.
Brazil 09/10, god willing 😉

Comment by M

which god?

Comment by Wry

the one that actually does stuff, and likes me, and helps people, yours 😉

Comment by M

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