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Outbound Problems
10-21-08, 11:59 pm
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 Three of our students have problems so far this year.  Oddly enough, all three are in places we’ve never dealt with before.  (New areas within countries we already have exchanges.)  Husband and I didn’t had nothing to do with their placements, and didn’t even realize until recently that two of them were in new places. 

1-Is back in the states.
2-Just left for exchange last week
3-Is going to have to be completely self-sufficient to get through the year.

The first one is mostly the student’s responsibility.  FES absolutely had to be in CapitalCity, not SecondCity.   The person who set up the exchange is new, and has never been to Fesland.  He didn’t know the difference, but others did.  They tried to talk FES out of CapitalCity, but the kid was stubborn.  FES arrived, hated it.  Hated the culture, family, school, second family, poverty, and people.  I don’t have much sympathy for this FES.

The other two students did not request their areas, only their country.  The person who set up their exchanges switched for no reasonto new cities.   Fessia and Fesaly are tough exchanges anyway, and every bit of support will help our students.  The only reason I can think of is “I’m going to change just because I’m not going to do anything the way you do it. I know more.”   Then the person quit youth exchange.   Student 2 had Visa issues, and 3 hasn’t met his counselor yet, or had program contact. 

These kids are hanging.  I don’t have their applications.  I don’t expect any help from our program President. The students have told me their counselor’s names, and Husband and I will begin overseeing them.  We NEVER had problems like this in the past.  Grrr.  Some of these volunteers must dislike kids.  We have a huge responsibility with these students.  We’ll work around the obstacles.


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