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Jill the Predator
11-01-08, 9:48 pm
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  Jill is more dangerous than Jack.  No one suspects moms of being predators.   Do you think of Stiffler’s mom in American Pie a predator?  Most people think the kid got lucky.   We have more problems with moms in youth exchange than with dads and siblings.  

Jill starts off as the perfect mom.  She’s warm, loving, and a great listener.  She’s very empathetic, and hugs often.   Sometimes she’ll mention how FES understands her more than her husband.  She’ll hug a little more often, and a little longer.  She’ll dote on FES by cooking his favorite meals, buying him gifts, and lavishing attention on him.   She and FES may have private jokes no one else in the family understands.  She’s happy because FES pays attention to her.

As Jill hugs and kisses FES good-night, maybe she ‘accidently’ kisses his mouth instead of cheek.  She’ll hug with her full body, and grind her hips a bit.  She’ll forget he’s home when she darts out of the bathroom with just a towel or less.  She starts slowly, and escalates.  The boy tells himself he’s imagining things, or that this is the way things are done in Feslandia.    Until he stops her, she’ll keep it up.

Many times, she’ll let him drive or drink.  This accomplishes two things-he’s more like an adult to her, and she has a secret to use to keep him quiet.   Many times, boys don’t say anything when hostmoms come on to them.  They think they’re quite lucky.   We had a boy recently who freaked out.   We pulled him from the home immediately.  (We also made a police report.)  She was obsessed with the boy.  He tried to ignore her behavior, but the morning he woke up to her kissing him while lying on his chest really opened his eyes.    Again, just like Jack, Jills are respected professionals in their communities.


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