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Joe the Predator
11-10-08, 1:09 am
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   I didn’t include “Joe the Predator” last week because we don’t have problems with host fathers very often.   The ones I’m aware of seem to fall into two categories.   “My wife doesn’t understand me.” or “I’m still a 20 year old stud. in my mind.” 

Several years ago, Joe liked to walked around with a towel wrapped around his waist with nothing underneath.  The family had a backyard pool, and Joe liked swimming nekkid.   Especially when his exchange daughter was home, and more so when she had friends over.  She mentioned it to me after a few months, she thought maybe it was normal US behavior.   Aw, hell no.  The worst part?  She was the third girl the family hosted.    I can think of a few Feslandia Joes wearing Speedos while lounging in a bedroom talking to their host daughters.  The girls were creeped out by the host fathers visible excitement in talking with them.

We had a few Joes tell host daughters way too much about the intimate details of their marriages.  One guy scared his host daughter when he told her it’s like “You’re my wife now.”

on to a host father.  The girls feel really betrayed when host fathers hit on them.  They look at those men as their fathers, not as a partner.  It ruins their relationship with their host moms as well.


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