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12-17-08, 11:44 pm
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    Remember this from a few months ago?   A few people tried to terminate a student secretly.  Thank dog we were able to stop it.  They did it.  The kid is gone. 
Background-“Anca” arrived in August.  Typical European, sniffs that everything is better in Europe, and her county is the best in the world.   We host students like Anca fairly often. 
Step 1-We can only stand that for a week before we want to explode or kill the kid.  We can’t kill the kid; too much paperwork. 
Step 2-So, we start showing the similarities between Feslandia and America.   Yes, the lettuce is fresh, we picked it this morning.  Yes, it’s organic, we try to eat healthy.  Yes, we recycle.  Yes, we can find you cheese and bread that will be acceptable to you.
Step 3-We then go to “Why are you here if everything at home is so much better?
Step 4-Tell FES to knock it off, she’s being rude.
Step 5-Tell FES if she can’t adjust, she’s going home.
Step 6-FES discovers the joys of Abercrombie, Oreos, chicken nuggets, and milkshakes.  Student joins us on the dark side.

Anyone who has hosted a French student knows the French sniff and lower lip jut while the face turns up and away.  French students believe they come from the best country on earth.  They and the US are about the only countries who KNOW this is true.  We have to gently remind the special snowflakes they chose to come to America, and they have to adapt to us.  Then we remind them bluntly.   Most students and host parents understand this is part of the process.  Certainly, all volunteers have to know, and they should assist the student and family.

Anca was placed with a first time host family with minimal training.  Anca didn’t have a counselor, or country specialist to help her or the family.  They were just thrown together.   Problems started almost immediately.   Duh.   Anca’s next door neighbor lady runs our program.     How many problems do you see with this situation?


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I’m a bit curious about your program. Is the country specialist local or national? What qualifies the person to be a specialist to a particular country rather than exchange students in general?

Comment by onelifelog

See this post: https://wryexchange.wordpress.com/2008/12/21/country-specialist/ I hope I answered your question.

Comment by Wry

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