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12-17-08, 2:53 am
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  For years students have referred to Husband as god. His motto is “Losing is not an option.”  He’s arrogant, but not so much that the G is capitalized.   He’s the  neutral, fair, honest, calm adult who always gets results.  He’s a good listener, and wants to hear all sides of an issue.   He’s good with discipline, and encouragement.  He spends a lot of observing the students. He stays in the background, and I’m in a swirl of activity.   I interact more with the students, and we compare experiences.  We work well as a team.  I’m intuitive, he’s left brain.  He’s god, he can do anything.

Not this time.   We lost, but the FES lost more.   Husband told me to double up on the happy pills for the next few days.

I’ll write about it in the morning.


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I feel for you this time of year, our exchange student experience has not been all that grand. I think some of these kids have major issues and they should be in thearpy and on meds !. I have to except I only have him a short time I cannot change him and he cannot change me, so we must work together. This experience has been well worth it, but the emotional rollercoaster is horrible.

Comment by tina

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