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12-18-08, 12:45 am
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 Recap:  Arrogant student Anca, poorly prepared first time host family, no counselor, no country specialist, and conflict with next door neighbor running our program.  

Problems started immediately.  There wasn’t anyone to mediate or advocate for Anca.  We stress to host parents to tell someone so we can help the family.  We want to prevent small issues from growing into large problems.  Very soon, Anca was labelled a problem student.   Our fearless leader, Flo, was much more concerned about the next door neighbors and her relationship with her.   The neighbors were ‘wonderful’ people, it must be the student’s fault.

Anca was always sweet and respectful to me.   I called her on rude behavior towards others a few times, and she stopped.  If that girl had stayed with me for a week, she would still be here.  No one told her what was appropriate behavior here in Appalachia.

Flo wanted to send Anca home.  She was planning on sending the girl home quietly without anyone else knowing until the girl was in the air.     Good thing Anca came with a wifi equipped laptop.   She sent out an SOS.   We called Flo asking what’s going on.  Was she pissed!  When a student is terminated, we have a group meeting to discuss the student.  The members are the President (Flo), VP (not notified), Inbound student coordinator (a minion), Outbound student coordinator(didn’t have one), the student’s local counselor (didn’t have one, just Flo), and the country specialist (didn’t have one, Flo handled that as well.)

Once we found out about the plot to terminate Anca, we started making phone calls.  Flo backed down, and found a second host family.  All during this time, Anca broke no rules, the worst anyone could say was ‘rude and disrespectful.’    Hell, we could ship them all home for being rude and disrespectful.

That mess was mid-October.  More tomorrow.


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