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Pwnd, End of Story
12-22-08, 1:34 am
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 Anca made it home safely after over 24 hours of travel.  Merry Christmas, kid!   Fearless Leader Flo got her way, and terminated the student.  No rule violation, just ‘a pain in the ass.’  Flo didn’t like the girl, and made it personal.   The second host family didn’t work out, and Anca had a few other homes lined up, including with the family of the student in her Fesland home.   Flo believes Anca is just a bad kid, and a new family won’t make a difference.  Maybe yes, maybe no.  Give the girl a chance.  Anca has changed a lot in the last 4 months. 

Flo didn’t talk to hardly anyone about her plan this time.   She flat out didn’t return calls or emails.   I got into a fight with her about it, she said she didn’t ‘appreciate my interference.’   Husband tried to talk sense into her, but she didn’t care.  In almost 20 years of exchange, I have NEVER seen an adult go after a child like that.  Flo acted as neighbor-didn’t believe the student at all, behaved as counselor, country specialist, and head of our program. 

Beside the injustice, we have two practical problems.
1-We have a student in Anca’s home.  If I was Anca’s parents, or the country specialist, the other student would be on a plane home immediately.   Retaliation isn’t right, and it’s not a situation we see often, but it’s not unheard of.  I warned our student to be a perfect exchange student.  It wouldn’t take much to cook up a flimsy excuse to terminate her.
2-We have two students who want to go to Anca’s country next year.  What do you think the chances are they’ll wish to continue exchanging with us?

Fearless leader Flo screwed Anca, the program, our credibility, and future students with this selfish stunt.  Hope she’s pleased with herself.   Judge, Jury, Executioner, Asshole.

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So anca is from france then I take it? How does she feel about being sent home early?

Comment by Noliving

Nope, not France. More like Fesaly. She is not happy. I would say miserable. She has talked with her program in FESaly, and I hope she conveyed our apologies. One person with much power shipped her home, and it was the wrong decision, and hurts Anca and our program.

Comment by Wry

Ok I just assumed france from your pwnd2 post. I’m betting on romania now though.

Comment by Noliving

Not Romania. That’s a random country. What made you think of Romania? You are correct in that it is an European country.

Comment by Wry

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