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Our Christmas
12-26-08, 2:16 am
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 We put the  fun in Dysfunctional!

We gave our local exchange student a wine bag with 2 of the new artistic Mountain Dew bottles.  He loves Mountain Dew (like a good exchange student) and is saving the different bottles.   He thought that was his only gift, poor little guy.  He was very polite when he thanked us.   His hostbrother had to tell him to took in the bag again.   He found the Ipod Shuffle.   FES is from Chile and he gave us a lovely assortment of copper.  We love copper, and have a nice collection.

Husband had to work today, yesterday, tomorrow, on and up to 16 hours on New Year’s Eve.  He was slightly injured at work 2 days ago, but a coworker broke her ankle yesterday.  Someone else is already off on sickleave.  He’s so tired, he doesn’t know if he’s coming or going.  Santa wisely brought him a Garmin so the little voice will remind him where he’s headed.   He’s so tired and mentally exhausted he’s begged off attending two Christmas parties we never miss.

I’m house and puppy sitting Saturday.  A son of friends is getting married, and we’ll be hanging out with the baby fluffball.    It’s not a myth, someone broke into my Aunt’s home during my cousin’s reception, and cleaned them out.

I dropped a full Brita pitcher of water on the kitchen floor and BadLab.  So the hardwood got an impromptu scrub late at night.  

We couldn’t reach P, Sparky, or Chef by phone today, so we left notes and texts for them.   We miss them.  

Oh crap!  I just remembered we didn’t take our Christmas picture today.  Husband, dogs, and I always take a self portrait on Christmas.  Don’t suppose Husband would wake up if I put the dogs and me next to him and took a pic?

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