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Hi, Everyone!
01-12-09, 1:52 am
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Well, anyone who is left. I’m still here, but I can not think of anything to write. Everything has been pretty quiet lately. Help me with a topic, please.


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How about This topic ” Our US prom”…… what to expect?

Comment by tina

exchange students time is 1/2 over. or just begining?

Comment by tina

If you could take any class you wanted, in any subject, what would it be? 🙂

Comment by philangelus

Glad to know I’m not the only one with writers block this month…

Comment by Jessica

I got nothing for ‘ya, Wry. Enjoy the slowness of life. Something will happen and you’ll have a topic!

Comment by BT in SA

Thank you for the comments and support. I appreciate it. I love writing this, but every day that I don’t write gets tougher because I think I need a killer post.

Comment by Wry

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