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Attack Balloons
01-15-09, 12:44 am
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 Badlab jumped in the shower with me when I had my eyes closed to wash my hair this morning.   So I washed his hair, too.  It’s been a while since he has hopped in the bathtub.  I think it was because of the killer attack balloons.

I filled the bathroom ceiling with mylar balloons today for Husband’s birthday.  He gets up, and goes in the bathroom in the dark.  All the ribbons hanging down got him.   It had to feel like cobwebs all over his face.  

When I pulled the balloons into the hall later, both dogs ran like hell.  I don’t think either one has ever seen a helium balloon before.    I also filled the floor of the downstairs powder room with black balloons.  I didn’t plan on putting them there, but Badlab went nuts when I started blowing them up.  I gave him one and he played with it for almost an hour before it popped.   He held it gently in his mouth, but ran all around like a puppy.  GoodDobie was up in bed, toys are beneath him.

Husband had a good birthday, with many good wishes from around the world.


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Oh my gosh! Balloons. Evil and scary!!! We have two four-legged Kids, Wry. The Boy is petrified of balloons. Who knew something so innocuous could be so terrifying…

Comment by BT in SA

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