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Demon Child
01-15-09, 12:53 am
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 I don’t really like or know anything about little kids.   One of my Outbounds asked for advice concerning her little hostbrother.   She said he pretends he’s a dog.  I suggested she get him a leash and collar and make him sit in the corner.

She is living in a Brasilian apartment high above the city.  DemonChild takes her belongings and tosses them out the window.  If she works on an art project, he trashes it.  Mommy and Daddy don’t discipline him.   He also spits on her and her stuff. 

The easy answer is to move her.  She doesn’t want to move.   She has started locking her bedroom door as much as possible.  The kid listens to the maid.  She’s going to ask the maid for help.   The boy will listen to my student only if she flips out on him.    Ever helpful,  I advised her not to leave any marks on him.

Yet another example of mandatory hosting not being a great idea for anyone.


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I’m a huge fan of your site and you wouldn’t have believed my amazement when I read this post. My daughter is in the midst of a “novel” youth exchange experience in Istanbul, Turkey. She had a host family that she also basically liked… but they too had a three year old boy who she began to fondly refer to as “Damien, the Antichrist”.

He would exhibit all of the behaviors your student in Brazil describes, except he couldn’t throw her stuff out the window as they lived on the ground floor. Otherwise, I know he would have. Remotes made great weapons. He bit HARD. Diving into your lap and attempting to rip as many pages out of the book as you reading as possible was a favorite game. Saliva was just something to save up and spit on you following a shower and fresh clothes. When my daughter left the apartment, she had to lock anything she didn’t want destroyed in her suitcase. If my daughter were to attempt to correct or alter his behavior in anyway (even saying “NO!”) she was reprimanded instead.

She had asked her district “handlers” for suggestions in dealing with the situation. They told her to just get used to it. As you mentioned, moving my daughter would have made a lot of sense. The organization wouldn’t. Ultimately they did mover her, but only because they hadn’t made prior arrangements for a school for her to attend nearby and after nearly six weeks of no school… finally moved her to a new family with a school she could attend.

She has subsequently encountered other Turkish families with small children who couldn’t be nicer and have parents who don’t believe being an out of control wild child is just a “phase”. My daughter was never tempted to physically harm the child… but frequently dreamed of putting him on a train with a one way ticket to Bulgaria!

Comment by YESDad

I want to clarify my student wouldn’t touch the little boy. She did yell at him, and smack her hand on the table to make noise.
Today, he tried to throw a glass at her. She wants to move.

Comment by Wry

YESDad, What an amazing story! Your poor daughter. An exchange to Turkey, how exciting. I hope you get to visit her.
At least both Demon Children are boys, so we don’t have to worry about them meeting as exchange students one day, and mating.

Comment by Wry

Okay, this makes me feel slightly better about my whole ‘host sister’ situation.

Comment by katie

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