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Exchange Students Shot
01-26-09, 11:51 pm
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Several Rotary Youth Exchange students were shot Saturday night in Portland, Oregon.  Two of the students were killed. It seems to be a random shooting.  Eleven Rotary exchange students were at the under-21 club.
The murdered students were Outbound Ashley Wilks, and Inbound Marta “Tika” Paz De Noboa from Peru.  Police and local school officials have identified the five wounded exchange students as Ana Zambrano Soledispa, 18, of Ecuador; Gonzalo Vasquez Orozco, 18, of Guatemala; Trista Chang, 18, of Taiwan; Susanna DeSousa, 18 of Italy; and Anne Sophie Rialland, 16, of France.
This is a horrible tragedy, and my thoughts are with every exchange student, family, and host family.


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Rest in peace Ashley and Tika. My thoughts are with their families, host families, and friends. I hope the other students recover quickly.

Comment by Jessica

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